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Who we are

Roto-Grill was developed and brought to life by our father, Bryan Aucoin, who saw a need. Often times he would find himself standing over the grill, babysitting it, in order to prevent the food from burning while insuring there were no flare ups. Inevitably, he missed out on time spent with family and friends. Roto-Grill has solved all of these problems. Due to the unique design, Roto-Grill allows you to step away from the grill. Roto-Grill will never flare up as it cooks your food evenly. All of your problems are solved because you have now found a grill that does everything.Smoke meat to perfection, BBQ without the hassle or even grill with a perfect sear!   We are proud to now offer you the same unique grilling experience that we have enjoyed so much!

Roto-Grill is built right here in Louisiana!

Our Design

3-in-1 Hybrid Pit!

Roto-Grill can Smoke!

Roto-Grill is perfect for smoking foods such as chicken and sausage. A tray is housed in the back for wood chunks and chips that provide a perfect smokey flavor. Set your Roto-Grill to between 150-250 Degrees Fahrenheit and let the Roto-Grill do its thing!

Roto-Grill can BBQ!

Roto-Grill is also perfect for BBQ foods such as ribs, poultry, and even salmon. Roto-Grill can hold its own between 250-400 to give your food the beloved backyard BBQ taste!

Roto-Grill can Grill!

Roto-Grill is perfect for a seared steak! If your in a hurry and need it done quick, Roto-Grill is the grill for you. Roto-Grill can quickly work its way up to 500 Degrees Fahrenheit and leave your food of choice with the perfect sear marks!

  • Two Rotating Grill Grates that pass over the burner each revolution allowing food to be cooked to absolute perfection.
  • Wood Chuck tray directly over the burner. 
  • Easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean grease drip pan that slides right out and right back in. 
  • Never flares up!
  • Smoke at temperatures as low as 150 or sear to over 500 Degrees Fahrenheit!

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